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You’ve probably have tried everything to fix your plantar fasciitis,  achilles tendonitis, shin splints, ITB or knee issue, and no amount of calf stretching, massage or foam rolling has managed to get it sorted right?

The Get Back Running programme I have created focuses on releasing your upper body biomechanics to ease the strain on your hips, legs, ankles and feet. The programme is designed to release quickly and seal in your hard work with focused strength work so you can get back to running and be stronger for it afterwards.

The online course launched in March 2023 and has seen fantastic results with the runners who signed up and stuck with the daily 10 minute sessions, and you could join them for super quick results that last.

The programme has lots of content regarding different conditions and I add to it regularly so all runners have access to the new and updated videos and information. I provide easy testing videos that you can complete at home so you can check your own body and monitor your progress. I provide theory sessions explaining your condition and how to get some relief. The targeted flexibility, movement, strength and balance work will release the strain for long lasting and potentially permanent results if you maintain your new range.

The programme is not an overnight fix, there is an aggravation or damage, and if you’re feeling pain then it’s likely inflamed. Every time the injury is aggravated it’s likely to flare back up and slow down the healing process.

By sticking with the programme you will find your body releases the tension and strain, allowing the aggravation to reduce and the condition you’re experiencing will finally begin to heal.

There’s a 30 day money back guarantee so if you’re unhappy or feel like it isn’t working for you, you can have a full refund, no questions asked. 

What The Runners Have Said...

“I was unable to run for a year, within 4-6 weeks I was back to running 5k without pain”

“My Sports Therapist said my calves looked and felt loads better! That’s in just 7 Days!”

“My consultant suggested I defer surgery. It’s nowhere near as painful”

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I know how expensive injuries can soon become which is why you can access the full course by agreeing to pay securely through Paypal or Stripe with 3 monthly payments. There’s no credit check or processing applications, you just.

Injuries can quickly become incredibly costly and time consuming trying countless supports, insoles, different shoe brands recommended by other runners, compression socks and that’s without even getting started on healthcare appointments and treatment costs. 

All with no guarantee of success.

That’s why I also include a 30 day refund guarantee. If you do not think the sessions have worked for you, then you are welcome to a full refund, no questions asked. I would however prefer to help you get on top of your condition though, so please tag me into any questions you have in the programme at any time, I really don’t mind.

Still Not Sure?

I am passionate about helping injured runners back out there doing what they love. Let me show you I can help, and that you can trust me. Try the full programme FOR FREE. When you sign up below you will have access to the full programme for 14 days. You can also access the online community and discuss your condition on the group with the other injured runners… and me! 😊


Lifetime access means “lifetime of the course” and includes all updates to the programme as it develops. There are no plans to end or discontinue the course, however if the platform is shut down you will be provided full access to the final version of the course sessions via PDF/Youtube/Web links.