Llangollen Running Club



“Nobody gets left behind”

Llangollen Running Club was established November 2018 by Jen Coppock with ladies only runs. The club quickly grew and many of their runners went from dreaming of completing a 5K to entering 10Ks, Half Marathons… and yes, even marathons. Everyone in the club has been incredibly supportive of each other, and they make sure running is accessible to all at any level.

They have been extremely fortunate to get such a wonderful and supportive group together so quickly. In their first year they had over 200 members on the Llangollen Ladies Facebook Group, over 70 paid members, 6 Run Leaders, 2 personal trainers, and Welsh Athletics affiliation available for the whole club.

Llangollen Run Club at Llan 10K Trail Run

Llangollen Run Club Strava

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