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Three Steps To Better Balance: Runner Edition

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Course Includes

  • 10 days of 10 minutes guided movements, strength and flexibility work to improve your running biomechanics.

Course Curriculum

Measuring Your Milestones: Balance Tests for Runners
Dive deep into your balance training journey with "Measuring Your Milestones: Balance Tests for Runners," an essential guide to evaluating your stability and progress. This bonus video empowers runners to gauge their balance abilities through a series of simple yet revealing tests. Starting with the foundational single-leg stand and advancing through more complex challenges like the eyes-closed soft surface test, this session offers a comprehensive assessment toolkit. By incorporating the dynamic tandem walk and introducing innovative ways to measure improvement, runners can set clear goals and witness their progression over time. Perfect for athletes at any stage, this video is your roadmap to achieving and surpassing your balance benchmarks, ensuring that every step forward is on solid ground.

  • Lesson 1: Balance Test

Balance Basics for Runners: Mastering Static Stability
This video will introduce runners to the essential static balance exercises. It begins with fundamental practices like standing on one leg, progresses through exercises with eyes closed, and challenges the athlete further with balance work on soft surfaces. The session concludes with the tandem walk, laying a solid foundation for balance in running.

Dynamic Balance & Strength: Elevating Your Run
The second video shifts focus to dynamic balance and strength, crucial for moving with efficiency and power. Starting with interactive exercises like catching a ball on one leg, it moves into single-leg calf raises to build lower leg strength, and culminates with single-leg deadlifts for a comprehensive balance and strength workout tailored for runners.

Plyometric Power: Boosting Balance & Performance
In the final video, runners are introduced to plyometric exercises designed to enhance balance and explosive power. This session includes forward, sideways, and diagonal hops that challenge and improve dynamic balance. Additional exercises with hops after landing introduce an extra layer of plyometric control, aimed at boosting running performance through improved stability and strength.

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5 months ago
Brilliant course! Thank you

Course Includes

  • 10 days of 10 minutes guided movements, strength and flexibility work to improve your running biomechanics.


  • A chair or box to sit on is essential for some exercises.
  • Exercise or furniture sliders are also advisable from day 4 onwards.