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Personal Training In Llangollen

I offer two personal training sessions, my standard PT session is 30 mins in length and the endurance sports focused session which is 60 mins in length.

A standard session is 30 mins and is perfect for improving your strength and fitness quickly without taking a huge chunk out of your day. They are ideal for anyone looking at improving their general fitness, strength, movement and mobility. If you are involved in a sport, the session will be tailored to support your performance in that sport. 

My endurance sports sessions are longer at 60 minutes and implement a cardio portion to target your specific sport and goals. Typically the session is most suitable for runners and triathletes. For an extra £5pw you’ll get a periodised training plan in 4 week blocks targeting your upcoming events.

Share your session with a friend for the same price!
I want to see you succeed and smash your goals. It has been proven time and time again that we have a greater chance of success if we train with a friend, so drag one along! You need to let me know at least 24 hours before your session, so I can plan it for two people. The training and nutrition plan upgrades are available for one person or both at a small additional charge, you can have different goals, I will create individual plans for you both.


I am very near to having my 121 gym ready for my clients, I expect to have the set up all finished this week (posted 11.12.22)

Standard Session – 30 Mins – £12
Standard Session + Weekly Weight Loss & Nutrition Support – £15pw
Buddy Weight Loss & Nutritional Support – £3pw

Endurance Sports Session – 60 Mins – £20
Endurance Sports Session + Run or Triathlon Training Plan – £25pw
Buddy Run or Triathlon Training Plan – £5pw

All weekly PT Sessions have free access to my outdoor fitness classes.

To get started, message below;

What do i need to know?

When coming along to your session you just need comfy clothing that allow freedom of movement. Wear comfy trainers and bring a bottle of water, a good protein snack for as soon as you’re finished will also help seal in your good work.

We start off with a gentle warm up, getting your body moving and ready for the upcoming session. We then start with functional movement work where we aim to improve your strength and range on key movements for your day to day life or sporting goals. We will then move onto isolated strength work to focus on key muscle groups, and finish with some work developing the most important muscle in your body – the heart! Once the main session is complete we will cool down so you’re ready for the rest of your day.

If you are nervous or worried about your first session please don’t worry, it’s a natural feeling you’re experiencing. Please do not worry though, I am here to help support you on your fitness journey and I’m looking forward to seeing you smash your goals.


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