Biomechanics Assessments For Runners


Prehab, don't rehab

Unfortunately many running injuries can be avoided by understanding your intrinsic biomechanics. If you’re here because you’re already injured then don’t despair, I can probably help get you back running again. 

Our bodies are integrated systems, moving your big toe can actually move your opposing shoulder. Many runners suffer with Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis and sometimes both! Looking however at the anatomy of the ankle, both attach to either end of the calcaneus. So as a basic example the two injuries might just be tightness playing tug of war with your heel bone and by loosening another area of the body, it will relax enough to ease off the pain. 

By understanding which areas are tight or weak or overworked, we can create a plan to condition and strengthen those areas and get you moving and running freely again.


Ankle Joint

Full Body Assessment

What Happens…

In a full body assessment I will take your body through a range of movements, using evidence based research we can assess whether each movement is within range for a normal functioning body or look at obtaining a greater range for high performance. 

Most of the tests are completed on a massage table, some you will need to sit down for and there are a few where you stand up. You will be barefoot for most of the tests, however high performance clients have additional tests which they will need their running trainers on for.

Wearing leggings or shorts makes testing easier, I recommend a sports bra for women, and ideally a sports vest or t-shirt. One of the spine tests involve me looking at your back, so it is helpful if you’re happy to lift your top at the back ladies, or go topless for the men. If you’re really uncomfortable about that it’s fine, we can just leave that test out.

Once the tests have been completed i’ll provide you and your coach (if you have one) with the results and a plan to address any issues we find.

After Your Assessment

Prepare, Strengthen & Stabilise

Once we have completed your assessment we can review the results together. If you have a coach I will also provide them with the results and a suggested action plan for them to add into your training.

I’ll explain what movements are being inhibited and I’ll give you Muscle Energy Techniques and possibly some strength exercises depending on your results, so we can get you moving correctly again.

Depending on the results of your assessment I might recommend a second screening or a smaller retest on particular areas once you’ve had a few days or weeks to release and strengthen the troublesome areas.