New Clients



All clients need to fill in a PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) before I can get started with any assessments, coaching or training sessions.

If you would like Personal Trainer sessions you’ll need to fill out my New Client Information Form as well as the PARQ. We will then have a chat so we can set some goals to work towards. 

If you’re a runner or triathlete and would like me to coach you or provide a training plan I’ll need you to fill in the New Athlete Sign Up Form instead of the New Client Information. It’s quite a long form so worth setting aside 30 mins and getting a coffee ready! However it’s in depth and thorough and will save me hassling you with a million questions afterwards.

Athlete Training Plans

I use the popular training platform TrainingPeaks to deliver training plans for my clients. If you’d like to use TrainingPeaks you’ll need to add me as your coach using the link below.

My Clients

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Natalie Foster

Tennis Player


I’ve been a huge fan of Strava since I was introduced to it in 2015. It’s a fantastic way to log your runs and analyse your progress. It’s free to use, and can be linked to most sports watches if you prefer to record on your Garmin or other device.

TrainingPeaks is another fantastic training platform, it imports all your activities and matches them up on your calendar to the planned activity for the day. It provides your peak training information easily showing your fitness progress and fatigue build up to help prevent overtraining.