Batch Cooking Solutions

Alternatives to freezing countless future dinners

Personally I’ve tried batch cooking countless times and never really get on with it. I end up with loads of meals in the freezer, forget what is in eat one, forget the macros and calories, and lets face it stuff doesn’t always freeze well or taste the same once defrosted and reheated. 
There’s also a problem I have and others may have with batch cooked meals and it’s a psychological one. Choosing a meal from a bunch of tubs is not very exciting psychologically, they rarely look amazing, some of the items need heating for longer which ruins other items in the package. Maybe I just suck at cooking! I just feel like I’m missing out on a proper meal when eating a meal in a tub, and if I tip it out onto a plate it’s never looks like great presentation.
So anyway, if you’re an expert at batch cooking you’re probably not reading this! But feel free to email me with suggestions of what I’m doing wrong –
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Assuming you’re not an expert and just looking to get some batch cooking going to help your training, nutrition and save some time in the week, my preference is to batch cook individual items or buy cheat items. Then literally reheat and throw together depending on what I feel like eating that day. That way there’s no “but I don’t fancy pasta”, or “oh no I forgot to get a meal out of the freezer”… you have everything already in your fridge and cupboards to literally throw together a meal in 10 mins.

Batch Cooking Meat


You can’t eat it raw, so why not just batch book all meat when you buy it? If it’s kept in the fridge you can keep cooked meats for 3-4 days no problem, or you can freeze it once it’s cooled and just get out to defrost when you need it. It makes snacking easy if you cook lean cuts of meat because you can literally heat it up in the microwave and pop on a sandwich or with pasta or a salad. Alternatively one of my favourites is to put some roast veggies in the air fryer for 10-15 mins and throw some chicken on top in the final minutes so it’s all warm and toasty… yum!

Healthy Eating - Eggs!


I have one of those little 7 egg cookers for the perfect boiled egg! I don’t actually eat it like the photo, I peel mine and smush them so they’re more like a poached egg. However, if you cook 6-7 boiled eggs in one of those cookers or a pan, they will keep for 7 days in the fridge. They need to keep the shells on or they only last 48 hours because of moisture loss. The only downside is they’ll be cold when you eat them… I don’t mind that, but if you like them runny like me you’ll need to practice on boil and microwave times to get the perfect egg at a warmer temperature.

Easy Microwave Stuff

You have my permission to make your time crunched life easier by using microwavable rice. This permission also extends to noodles, pasta pouches and the slightly longer to cook Pasta N Sauce. Yes the calories would be lower and there would likely be less additives if you batch cooked your own rice etc etc, but it’s 2 minutes in the microwave and super convenient! Take the win and cut corners and save time where you can, plus the different flavours can keep your meals varied in flavour. Just watch portions, they’re normally for 2 people so store half or keep track properly!

Healthy Eating - Avocado & Egg On Toast

Amazing Cooked Breakfasts

My favourite breakfast combines two of the above methods… Avocado, egg and bacon on toast. I batch cook a pack of bacon medallions as soon as I buy them (8 slices, I use 2 a day so that’s enough for 4 days of breakfasts), I boil 7 eggs (enough for one egg per breakfast for the week), so they’re all in the fridge ready. I also get pre-smashed avocado, it typically only has some lime and no other additives and stays fresh for a few days. So all I do in the morning is get a piece of toast, dollop the avocado on top, add two pieces of bacon, and peel an egg for on top. YUM!

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Vegetables

We often don’t eat as many vegetables as we should, and if you live alone or have fussy family then choosing frozen veg helps to prevent waste. There’s also a huge variety on offer in most supermarkets so it’s not just carrots and peas! If you find you struggle to get a good amount of veggies in your diet then my best advice is to double up whatever you think is a normal portion size. I love to use frozen root vegetables in my airfryer, they tend to take 10-15 minutes and can be a brilliant way of turning any meal into a tasty and healthy roast dinner.

Chopped Vegetables

Pre Chopped Salad

I’m sorry I’ll admit I’m one of those horrendous people who buy pre-chopped vegetables. Yes you tend to pay a little more, but the time it saves of chopping and chopping and chopping, I sleep easy knowing I’m saving my time. The other nice thing with pre chopped salad is that there tends to be less waste if again you have fussy family. You also tend to get a good variety in the tubs for a range of nutritious micro nutrients (and super tasty). The only downside is if the shop sells plastic tubs, you can put them in the recycling though, so yes that sucks but it saves so much time.

Nutrition Plans

Manage your weight by creating your nutrition plan

I’ve been big. When I started running I was wearing mens 3XL tops because the 2xl felt too snug when I moved. I’ve done every diet under the sun, and the only way I believe I can help you is to find a lifelong nutrition plan that suits you and your food choices. 

I don’t believe in restricting and I believe that no food is off limits, but I also advocate a “food is fuel” approach to selecting your nutritional choices. We all have individual goals and our bodies are unique in their own ways, what works for one person won’t always work for another. Therefore I work with my clients to help educate and develop their own individual plan they scan stick to for life.

If you would like to know more and think I might be the right support for you you Contact Me.

Jen Coppock
Jen Coppock
Level 4 Obesity & Weight Management
llangollen, North Wales