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“The run begins when you forget you’re running”

As a child I admit that I really did not enjoy running, however now I can’t think of a better way to start the day then a starlit, sunrise run with Sandy and Betty (my two wonderful Labradors).

I organise monthly trail runs in Llangollen, they are fun and friendly at a social and chatty pace (typically z2), and end with a stop at one of Llangollens popular cafes at the end for cake and coffee.

If you are after a training plan I can help to get you ready for your upcoming event. The plans I make are unique to you and designed to make your heart sing, making weekly training exciting and progressive. I use the leading training platform TrainingPeaks to create a fortnightly plan that is adaptable to your life and provides indepth analysis on the fly to show your progression.

My goal as a triathlon and running coach is to help keep athletes injury free and ready to run. I can complete full intrinsic biomechanics assessments for runners, locating imbalances within the body. With a detailed analysis we can create a plan to release and restore movement within key areas of the body to help you run better, faster, and safer.

Jen Coppock Running Coach Llangollen
Jen Qualified as a run leader with Welsh Athletics in Nov 2018.
She established "Llangollen Running Club" in Dec 2018.
In 2019 she became a coach in running fitness with UK Athletics. In Oct 2019 She Completed Her First Ever Triathlon.
In Feb 2020 she completed a qualification in running biomechanics.
In 2020 she became a triathlon activator with British Triathlon.
In 2021 she completed The ROC Endurance Triathlon up Snowdon. In Dec 2021 She completed her Level 3 In Personal Training
In 2022 she qualified to coach running for groups of triathletes.

Running Packages

I organise monthly guided runs in Llangollen and Wrexham, check out my next group run here – Guided Runs In Llangollen.
If you do not have facebook please email [email protected] for my latest runs and to book on.


Group Guided runs

£20 per month

121 Running Plan

£35 one off

Running BIomechanics

Running IN Triathlon

Running as a triathlete is very different than being just a runner.  Fantastic running skills won’t make a blind bit of difference if you don’t get through the swim and bike cut offs. Also when you run in a triathlon, you always run on tired legs as it’s usually the final discipline in a race.

In your training plan your brick sessions are essential to adapt your body to get used to going from “roundy roundy” to “poundy poundy”. It takes a lot of careful training to avoid jelly legs, stay injury free and to be ready to fly through the run on race day. 

If you would like your running assessment to focus on triathlon running I perform a full body biomechanics assessment, then assess the run in a duathlon setting where a suitable ride distance is covered to see how your running alters once fatigued. 

My Clients

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I’ve been a huge fan of Strava since I was introduced to it in 2015. It’s a fantastic way to log your runs and analyse your progress. It’s free to use, and can be linked to most sports watches if you prefer to record on your Garmin or other device.

TrainingPeaks is a fantastic training platform, it imports all your activities and matches them up on your calendar to the planned activity for the day. It provides your peak training information easily showing your fitness progress and fatigue build up to help prevent overtraining. By adding your key events to your calendar we can estimate your fitness gains with your plan to make sure you are fully fit and ready for your upcoming event.