Running Training Plans


From 5k To Ultras

Your Custom Training plan – £20 per month

If there’s something that stands out the most in my coaching is my LOVE for a good training plan. Working backwards from your event, we can create a week by week plan that takes you from where you are now, to achieving the goal you’ve set yourself. 

I aim to make your plan enjoyable and bespoke for you, each plan is created just for my athlete and targets their goals specifically. My face to face athletes get a run assessment that covers their run specific biomechanics looking at their feet function, calf, knee and hips. We will create a strength and conditioning plan to resolve any issues in those areas, and I’ll create a week by week plan on TrainingPeaks for each of your upcoming run sessions to get you to your goal.

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Consistency Is Key

Enjoy Your Training & You'll Never Miss A Session

I design my clients running plans to be help them achieve their goals and be consistent in their training. TrainingPeaks is a massive help at keeping athletes training consistently but also I aim to make training enjoyable. I like to work out what makes you as an athlete tick. 

Quite often the training we miss is a session we think we won’t enjoy. It could be the route, or the type of training, maybe the perception a session will be too hard, or maybe just the time of day is inconvenient with work or family. I like to work out what you enjoy and help fix any issues preventing consistency. 

Training should add to your life and not take away, so that is what my plans do. They add what you need to achieve your goals but in an agreed way to keep it enjoyable.


What is it?

TrainingPeaks is the leading platform for creating and following a multi sport training plan. It’s the preferred app for most triathletes, cyclists and runners. There’s a free version, however as your coach I will include a premium licence in your monthly plan package.

In TrainingPeaks we can set goals and I can create your workouts which will sync to your Garmin watch or Zwift Run allowing you to follow them on the day they’re set. 

Athletes find it easier with TrainingPeaks to see progress and improvements, monitor their fitness and fatigue, and stick to their plan consistently. If you want to try their free trial, check it out here: TrainingPeaks