SUNday 27th November 2022 – 9am


We will meet outside Fouzi’s cafe on Bridge Street LL20 8PG. Parking is available for free on weekends at Llangollen Health Centre or there is paid parking at Market Street car park.

I will be stopping for a coffee after at Fouzi’s and you’re welcome to join me and the rest of the group.

The run is expected to take 60-90 mins, it’s just under 8km but the initial climb up to the castle will be walked for the most part. It’s a lovely route and we will take a short cut through the woods on the way back down into Llangollen.

Cost: Free – fully insured

Crow Castle

27.11.22 - Crow Castle & Panorama Walk

9am Outside Fouzi's Cafe, Bridge Street LL20 8PG

Meeting at Fouzi’s Cafe, we will start up the hill towards the canal. We will take a side path round the back of the high school up to Geufron. There’s a final hill to the gate at the start of Crow Castle. Through the gate there’s some large stones to walk across which can be slippy when wet so please wear trail shoes. This will bring us out on “the pancake” – a large flat area before the steep trail up to the castle. Once up we will take photos and enjoy the views!

Coming down the other side of the castle is a mix of trail and grass, again it can be steep and slippy so please have good footwear. We will cross over to the Panorama Walk, and head along the amazing road to the cottages where we will come down Dinbren Road, cutting through the woods on the way down where we will make our return through town to Fouzi’s and I’ll be grabbing a coffee and cake, of course you’re all welcome to join me.


Crow Castle Run

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