Guided Trail Runs In Llangollen



“The most beautiful place i’ve ever ran.”

It was only when I moved to Llangollen that I became interested in running. The views are spectacular, there are countless trails to explore, and a lot of the roads are in a similar condition to the trails! Jokes aside, if you like the wilderness with some ‘undulations’ and using the breathtaking views as an excuse to stop for a photo (and a breather), then you’ll LOVE Llangollen.

The trails are steeped in history with hunting tribes roaming the area back in the stone age, there are stone circles and standing stones dating back to neolithic times, and a well known castle overlooking the town! Wandering the trails make you appreciate how many people have walked the trail before you, and I often wondered who was the first person to ever walk that trail, and why!

Trail Runs In Llangollen

Guided Runs With Jen!

“Nobody gets left behind”

My runs are very social and about enjoying and experiencing the route together, don’t forget to bring a camera! It’s not about Strava segments and blasting it as fast as you can, it’s to show you the lovely trails we have off the beaten track that only the locals know about. The pace is chatty and although there are many hills in the area, they can all be walked up no problem and we can regroup if needed.

Nobody will get left behind, I will normally be towards the back looking after you and making sure everybody is ok. If anyone wants to run ahead I will give a point on the track to stop and regroup with a breather if needed.

Each run starts and finishes at a local cafe so if you have time you can pop in for a drink or some food after. 

Jen Coppock