Tabata Tuesdays

Every Tuesday – 10am

Please use the form to the right to book so I know you’re coming! More information is below if you want to know more about Tabata.

The Tabata session is held at the basketball court at Riverside Park near Aldi. It’s next to the skate park and is a solid surface, however I still recommend a mat if possible so some exercises are a little more comfortable.

If you would like to bring a weight with you I’d recommend a 2-6kg dumbbell, kettlebell, or homemade weight. They’re not essential as the movements are bodyweight based.

Everyone is welcome regardless of age, ability or sporting background. I can regress or progress each exercise as necessary. Just come along and give it a try!

The session is £3 for one or £10 for the month (includes Workout Wednesday FREE!). You can pay cash on the evening, however if you’d like to pay through bank transfer please fill in the form below and I’ll send through the details and get you on the paid register.

If you’re paying on the evening I will ask for an emergency contact which I will log down in my notebook, and I have medical forms if you have any issues I need to be aware of, however please be aware you are responsible for your own medical conditions and if you have any concern at all with any part of the session you do not have to participate or I will find an alternative exercise. I hope to see you there!

What is Tabata?

tuesdays - 10am - Riverside Park Llangollen

Tabata is a fast paced HIIT session (High Intensity Interval Training). Each exercise lasts for 20 seconds, with 10 seconds rest before the next one. You continue for 4 minutes and then have a minute rest before the next round commences. The full session lasts for 20 minutes and the exercises vary from strength to cardiovascular to help improve your heart, lungs and muscular strength.

I also focus a lot of the exercises in my classes on movements that will improve functional movement and mobility to help improve performance for athletes and provide better movement in the day to day lives of people looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

The class runs even if we battle the elements (excluding lighting and thuderstorms, we don’t mess with that stuff!), there’s nothing better than 20 mins HIIT in the wind, rain, and snow to toughen up the soul and prove to yourself that you’re an awesome badass! 

Tabata Tuesdays