Saturday 22nd October 2022 – 9am


We will meet outside Fouzi’s cafe on Bridge Street LL20 8PG. Parking is available for free on weekends at Llangollen Health Centre or there is paid parking at Market Street car park.

I will be stopping for a coffee after at Fouzi’s and you’re welcome to join me and the rest of the group.

Three Trees Llangollen

02.10.22 - Run Three Trees

9am Outside Fouzi's Cafe, Bridge Street LL20 8PG

Meeting at Fouzi’s Cafe, we will warm up on the backroads up to the hill past Plas Newydd, over towards Pengwern and along the local “flat” road loop the locals call “The Valley”. Once we have nearly passed the farmland, there’s steep trail to the right called Three Trees. It’s a long trail up, and I for one will be walking the majority of it! It’s completely worth it though because the views are amazing.

The trail splits left and right, and we will follow it left where it tends to flatten out in places. Once at the top, you can see all across to Cheshire and Shropshire, we will run along that top road past the two masts to the top of Green lane, a lovely trail which we will descend. The views left over the valley are beautiful, the stones underfoot can be loose in places but if in doubt walking is absolutely fine.  We will rejoin the route out at the split in the road, and descend back to the valley, where we will make our return through town to Fouzi’s where I’ll be grabbing a coffee and cake and you’re welcome to join me.


Three Trees Trail Run

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