Drinking Calories

Why change what you drink?

In an ideal world any nutritionist would love to see everyone drinking water. Nothing else… just. Water. But as much as I love water… I know for many people life would be bloody dull without a beer, a gin, or a latte… heck I’d be miserable without constant coffee!
Why is water ideal? It contains zero calories, and is effectively our life source with 60% of our bodies being made up of the stuff! It’s vital for our hydration requirements and life itself. Without it, we die, simple.
The other danger with drinking our calories rather than eating them, is it’s extremely easy to go overboard. If I gave you three oranges to eat, you might struggle. If I gave you those 3 oranges all squished into a glass of fresh orange, it’s a doddle to get them down. Yes those oranges are great nutritional value, and if you struggle to get your calories and carbohydrates up then fresh fruit juice can be a fantastic option. However it can also be enough to sabotage fat loss if you’re not careful and monitor how much you have.
I’m going to assume you don’t want to drink water only, so here we look at alternatives to some of the higher calorie drinks we like to indulge in. Remember there’s no right or wrong, and not all these suggestions will work for you. If you have any awesome suggestions you think I should add here please email [email protected] 

Healthy Eating - Shandy
Love your beer? Why not split your bottle in half and mix with diet lemonade to make TWO yummy Shandys instead!
Healthy Eating - Fizzy Pop
A can of coke contains 139 calories whereas diet fizzy pop tends to have hardly any or even ZERO!
Healthy Eating - Gin
Gin & Tonic? The tonic is actually the main calorie culprit! Swap for low calorie tonic or flavoured sparkling waters.
Healthy Eating - Whiskey
Scotch? Sadly clear spirits are the lower calorie option and the way to go... but the odd indulgence is not the end of the world!

I apologise I seem to be focusing on alcohol! There are other health impacts widely documented about the consumption of alcohol, I am not going to repeat them here. I’m just going to assume if you want an alcoholic drink then maybe consider the above changes. Also, I often end my day with a big gin glass full of flavoured sparkling water or mocktail from Aldi (I’m a proper posh gal)! The relaxation caused by simply hydrating is very similar without the alcoholic additions so I highly recommend trying some flavoured waters but in your favourite gin glass!

Healthy Eating - Sugar In Your Coffee
Coffee with your sugar? Alternatives are sweetener, or why not try "Half Spoon", or Skinny Syrups (cheaper in B&M).
Healthy Eating - Coffee Latte
Love a latte? Sadly full fat milk is the calorie driver here. Alternatives are black coffee, or opting for soya, almond or semi skimmed!
Healthy Eating - Fresh Orange Juice
Fresh Orange! Yes nutritional but very easy to over consumer. Maybe have squash instead or buy smaller glasses to keep portions in check!
Healthy Eating - Hot Chocolate
Can't live without your favourite hot chocolate? Try one of the low calorie instant hot chocolate mixes such as Galaxy or Options... I have a feeling I may have to go on a shopping trip and test them all out for an official review! If you HAVE to have marshmallows then one large one equals around 10 small ones... so depending on which one feels more "value" may influence your choice... and if squirty cream is essential Tesco and Asda do a 30% less fat version, but I'm not testing that sorry... I'm not a lover of cream in any form!

Nutrition Plans

Manage your weight by creating your nutrition plan

I’ve been big. When I started running I was wearing mens 3XL tops because the 2xl felt too snug when I moved. I’ve done every diet under the sun, and the only way I believe I can help you is to find a lifelong nutrition plan that suits you and your food choices. 

I don’t believe in restricting and I believe that no food is off limits, but I also advocate a “food is fuel” approach to selecting your nutritional choices. We all have individual goals and our bodies are unique in their own ways, what works for one person won’t always work for another. Therefore I work with my clients to help educate and develop their own individual plan they scan stick to for life.

If you would like to know more and think I might be the right support for you you Contact Me.

Jen Coppock
Jen Coppock
Level 4 Obesity & Weight Management
llangollen, North Wales