Online Running Biomechanics Testing


Free Test Videos

Welcome to my online test centre! These videos take around 20 minutes to complete and although they are not designed to diagnose specific injuries, they play a crucial role in identifying areas of tightness, weakness, tension, and imbalances affecting your running. Recognising these aspects is vital in unlocking your true running potential, reducing the risk of recurring problems, and addressing the root causes of overuse injuries. Try out the test videos to see how you stack up and hopefully find gains to  elevate your performance and embark on a journey toward pain-free running.

Flexibility Test

Strength Test

Core Test

Balance Test

What Now?

If these assessments have highlighted any biomechanical challenges within your body that are impacting your running or hindering your ability to reach your peak potential, then they’ve also provided a clear direction on what aspects require attention for lasting improvement.

I warmly invite you to embark on the 10 Day Running Biomechanics Challenge. This program consists of a series of concise, 10-minute exercises spread across 10 days, designed specifically to enhance your running biomechanics. By focusing on crucial areas such as flexibility, strength, and proprioceptive training, you’ll be taking a significant step towards unlocking your true running capabilities.