Swapping Your Milk Choices

But milk is good right?

Milk can be very good for you, but like with all things in a balanced diet – IN MODERATION! Too much of anything can start to become a poor choice for your daily nutrition. If you’re a milk lover but dismayed at the amount of calories you’re taking on board just in milk, or if you’re actually not much of a fan and want to reduce the milk calories right down, here are the most popular options. Please note I only tend to use Aldi because of it’s convenience in Llangollen!
If you have any awesome brands or milk alternatives you think I should add here please email [email protected] 

Healthy Eating - Milk
Assuming you're drinking Whole Milk or Full Fat Milk as I call it sorry, you're drinking around 65 calories per 100ml which is the equivalent of 4 shot glasses. It contains all macro nutrients but is higher in fat and thus higher in calories overall.
Semi Skimmed - 100ml is 49 calories
Skimmed - 100ml is 35 calories
Soya Milk - 100ml is 34 calories

I know a lot of people have tried soya milk and don’t like it, I’ll just interrupt here if that’s you! The Alpro milks have a different taste than the acti leaf… I personally don’t like them (except their chocolate milk). Seriously give the Aldi unsweetened soya milk a try, Tescos own is also good.

Also you might find the dairy-free versions might be ok in cereal and cooking but not for you in your cup of brew, so it’s worth having a try at least and getting more variety in your diet if you’re not convinced on the change in your cup of tea or coffee.

Oat Milk - 100 ml is 40 calories
Almond Milk - 100 ml is 20 calories
Coconut Milk - 100ml is 21 calories
Healthy Eating - Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk? It's actually really good post workout. Ideally within 30 minutes of exercise! At 73 calories per 100ml it's only slightly higher than full fat milk, so although it's not a calorie saving it might make you feel more value and pleasure for only slightly more. Alpro have a soya version at 61 calories for 100 ml, so LESS than full fat milk for a chocolate version, and super tasty, if you buy some and don't like it then send it my way because it's one of the most amazing things in life! You can't get it from Aldi though you have to go to Tesco for it sadly.

Nutrition Plans

Manage your weight by creating your nutrition plan

I’ve been big. When I started running I was wearing mens 3XL tops because the 2xl felt too snug when I moved. I’ve done every diet under the sun, and the only way I believe I can help you is to find a lifelong nutrition plan that suits you and your food choices. 

I don’t believe in restricting and I believe that no food is off limits, but I also advocate a “food is fuel” approach to selecting your nutritional choices. We all have individual goals and our bodies are unique in their own ways, what works for one person won’t always work for another. Therefore I work with my clients to help educate and develop their own individual plan they scan stick to for life.

If you would like to know more and think I might be the right support for you you Contact Me.

Jen Coppock
Jen Coppock
Level 4 Obesity & Weight Management
llangollen, North Wales