Recommended Gear


Making Training More Varied & Fun!

Here are some of my favourite items to help get your training more varied.

They’re all optional however some exercises provide better results with these extra items. The items are from amazon and use an affiliate link, they don’t cost you any extra but it helps me to fund the course software 🙂

Get Back Running - Plantar Fasciitis & Achilles Tendonitis Edition

Small Resistance Bands

These are great for foot work when we work on supination exercises.



These are essential for one of my favourite hamstring strength exercises.

Squat Wedge

These are great for calf exercises and improves ankle flexion for squats.


This is a great stepper with an adjustable height for knee exercises.


90cm Foam Roller

This is great for your back and shoulders, especially if you have a desk job!

Massage Gun

Fantastic for post run recovery, affordable daily massage!

Get Back Running

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