November 2022

Snack Ideas

Healthy Eating - Llangollen Nutritionist

Nutrition Snack Ideas Healthy options to avoid Trigger Foods Snacking is a great way of balancing your daily nutrition and avoiding those hunger pangs and energy lulls throughout the day, but there’s often a sense of “naughtiness” associated with the concept. Just one Google search for the word “snack” is crammed full of chocolates, crisps, …

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Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Eating - Breakfast Cereals

Nutrition Breakfast Ideas The most important meal of the day! I love breakfast… it’s one of the reasons I actually honestly get out of bed in the morning. However if you aren’t a breakfast person, or you are having a major diet overhaul and have no clue where to begin, here are a few of …

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Drinking Your Calories

Healthy Eating - Shandy

Nutrition Drinking Calories Why change what you drink? In an ideal world any nutritionist would love to see everyone drinking water. Nothing else… just. Water. But as much as I love water… I know for many people life would be bloody dull without a beer, a gin, or a latte… heck I’d be miserable without …

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Step 3: Making Changes

Healthy Eating - Old Habits New Habits

Nutrition Step 3 – Making Changes 1% Better Everyday My best advice with your new plan to taking control of your nutrition permanently is to aim to feel 1% better everyday, or if you’re not feeling too great, aim to DO something 1% better instead. This section will contain all my best help and support …

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Step 2: Calories & Macros

Weightloss - Meal Planning

Nutrition Step 2 – Calculating Your Calories What is a calorie? Putting simply it’s the energy produced within your food. No calorie is equal, so some foods are high in calories but are very low in nutritional value, whereas other foods can be the same calories and yet be packed full of nutrition. By eating …

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Step 1: Food Diary

Nutrition Plan - No food off limits

Nutrition Step 1 – Keep a food diary Create your perfect nutrition plan for life The first step to achieving a lifetime nutrition plan you can stick with (or tweak as your goal and body changes) is to monitor what you’re eating now. You can do this with a traditional pen and paper, but I …

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